Three Reasons to Choose Venango Machine for Deep-Hole Drilling Work in Pennsylvania

Venango Machine Company has been sought after for their manufacturing expertise and capabilities for over 70 years. Venango has been successfully serving the contract manufacturing needs of contract manufacturing customers ranging from small machining shops to large businesses. One of Venango’s most sought-after specialties is their Gundrilling and Deep-Hole Drilling work, which they have been offering for over 50 years. With a wide range of state-of-the-art drilling equipment at their 35,000 square foot facility in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, there is no drilling job that Venango is ready to handle efficiently. At TriState Manufacturers, our team understands the regional Gundrilling and Deep-Hole Drilling landscape and we want to share three reasons why choosing Venango Machine Company for your drilling needs can be an excellent decision

1: Venango Machine Has 50 Years of Experience in Gundrilling and Deep-Hole Drilling

When it comes to selecting the perfect Gundrilling and Deep-Hole Drilling company for your contract manufacturing needs, the decision should involve more than just their capabilities and equipment. In addition to an expansive operating window, the ability to consistently handle drilling jobs efficiently and with precision requires experience. With over 50 years of Deep-Hole Drilling and Gundrilling experience, Venango is ready for any contract drilling job you need completed and always delivers a quick turnaround time. Below we will outline the equipment and drilling capabilities at Venango’s 35,000 square foot manufacturing and testing facility in Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, though it is important to first reiterate that their team’s experience makes them an excellent selection for any contract drilling job you might need handled.

2: Venango’s Wide Deep-Hole Drilling Operating Window

Venango’s experience makes them an elite drilling company, and they have the right equipment in-house to allow them to put their broad experience to use. At their 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility, Venango can work with mild steel and most alloys with a Deep-Hole Drilling operating window of 20’ drilling depth, and .25” – 2.36” drilling diameter. With a half century of drilling experience and a suite of advanced tools in-house, Venango can consistently produce long and accurate holes with a smooth finish and at a low-cost thanks to their efficient methods. With an operating window this wide, the range of contract drilling possibilities at Venango are nearly endless.

3: Venango Offers a CNC 6-Axis Drilling and Machining Center

In addition to Venango’s Deep-Hole Drilling operating window, they offer a CNC 6-Axis Drilling and Machining Center, which serves to further extend their service offerings. Venango’s 87” by 79” 6-Axis Drilling center offers a maximum 78.74” drilling depth with a 2.36” maximum diameter. Venango’s equipment also offers tight hole diameter tolerances and high-quality surface finish when the metal of the substrate allows. Venango’s innovative CNC equipment also features a 30-position automatic tool changer, which can assist with counterboring, tapping, and milling.

Testing and Services to Ensure Platen Quality

Not only is Venango equipped to perform Gundrilling and Deep-Hole Drilling, but they are also able to maintain the quality of their work while still ensuring quick lead times. At their 35,000 square foot facility, Venango’s team maintains a range of testing equipment that is utilized for its platen manufacturing work, and couples these testing capabilities with a quality assurance program designed to maintain customer satisfaction. Venango’s long history in business is a testament to their ability to consistently meet the exact needs of their contract manufacturing customers. Now, with a better understanding of Venango’s reputation and the above information about their capabilities at hand, you can comfortably contact them to discuss your company’s unique drilling needs. We invite you to view more information about Venango here or contact them through their website to obtain a quote for your current drilling job.

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