Overhead Door Safety Device Invented by Cleveland Manufacturer

A Cleveland machine shop – SJK Industries is driving innovation in the industrial safety market.  After hearing a fellow business owner tell him about a close call that happened at their facility, when a large overhead door spring broke and the door free-fell, Steve decided to come up with a solution.  Safe-T-Support is the only product of its kind on the market, and it’s a must have for any large warehouse or shipping dock with overhead doors.  With over 20,000 overhead door related injuries each year, Safe-T-Support is the only sure way to protect employees and vendors that access these doors.

Product Features:

overhead door safety device/ Garage door safety arm

The Safe-T-Support overhead door safety arm comes with a number of features that differentiate it.  These include:

  • Easy self install, or the Safe-T-Support team offers installation
  • The load of a falling door is transferred directly to the ground, unlike other options that transfer load to the track or wall.
  • The device comes with a door up or down LED indicator light that prevents door run-ins
  • The device comes in an automatic model, or a manual model.  The manual option simply requires swing the safety arms out from the preinstalled Safe-T-Support when the door is open
  • The device comes in standard sizes or can be customized for unique applications

All of Safe-T-Support’s garage door safety devices come with supplied clamps that are designed for a standard 2” garage door track, and are designed for quick and easy installation. Custom mounting options are available upon request. Safe-T-Support offers multiple options with varying features, and while each option is different, all will prevent a garage door from falling once its operation has failed. The overhead door safety arm easily extends and retracts, and uses indicator lights to ensure the operator that they are in place and operating properly.

Who needs Safe-T-Support’s overhead door safety devices?

While the company is developing a residential model, the initial focus has been on large commercial doors that pose more risk. While many safety managers may not think about overhead doors as a significant risk, the topic is closer to home than expected. On September 30th, 2022, Erie, Pa saw an incident in which a large retailer with this type of commercial door had an employee killed by the falling door.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Any facility that has one or more overhead doors which employees or vendors transverse should consider the Safe-T-Support device for their location.  Please visit Safe-T-Support’s website by clicking the following link to learn more! Overhead Door Safety Devices

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