Complex assembly and part manufacturing requiring machining, fabrication, plastics, overmolding, finishing and more

We help manufacturers find the supplier they need for complex part manufacturing – it’s free, easy, and as simple as filling out a request form.

Are you looking for a manufacturer with multiple capabilities including machining, fabrication, plastic molding, metal coating or others in order to make a complex part?  Good news! Tristate Manufacturers Marketplace can help.  We regularly help companies looking to develop a part that requires more than one company can offer by developing a detailed understanding of your needs, and using our extensive network of regional manufacturers to put together the resources you need to complete the job.

Here are a couple of recent examples from the past week:

A fortune 50 aerospace OEM needed a part that required precision CNC machining, metal fabrication, plastic welding and overmolding, and assembly.   We were able to quote them promptly through combining the services of two companies in our network that together could complete the manufacturing process

An OEM needed a complex part which required deep hole drilling, machining, and metal plating or finishing.  We used three shops in close proximity to each other to smoothly provide the complete assembly.

Shops With Capabilities Ranging from Electronics, to Coating and Finishing, Machining, Fabrication, Injection Molding, Fulfillment and Packaging

We’ve created a network of some of the largest aggregators of manufacturers including manufacturing associations, MEPs, and more in addition to the current members of TSM.  When a need arises, we use our immediate knowledge of manufacturers we have a relationship with, and extend that with our network when needed.  We’ve been able to quickly find a company or multiple companies that can quickly quote a complex job.  The best news of all?

We aren’t brokers and do not add cost to your project

This service of creating collaborative relationships among manufacturers is completely free for you.  So why do we do it? Our mission is to create economic growth through building manufacturers.  The members of our site pay a small fee to be part of this innovative initiative, and we do everything we can to facilitate their success, and to help people like you find the resources they need to complete the project.

Manufacturers that are ITAR Registered, ISO Certified, AS9100 Certified, CMM Certified, and other certifications.

For individuals looking for manufacturers that may provide fabrication services, and that are also ITAR Registered for example, TSM is the perfect place to find those manufacturers.  If you want to do some browsing on your own, you can go to the manufacturer search page, select a category, and then filter that category by specific certification.  You may also notice that each manufacturer listed in a category has a great summary of their capabilities, certifications, and size which is easy to quickly view without leaving the list of companies in a category:

Manufacturers Using MBD (Model Based Definition), 3D Modeling, with Engineering and Design Capabilities

Many of the manufacturers in our network are experienced in MBD, 3d modeling, design and engineering.  If you are looking for a company that is a veteran owned business, using 3d modeling for programming their machines, and is ISO Certified, we can help!  There has never been an easier way to identify an ideal supplier for you manufacturing needs.  It’s as simple as using the form below requesting it, and we go to work identifying the supplier or suppliers that can work together to provide you with a comprehensive quote.

TSM is Your Go-To Resource for Finding Fully Integrated Manufacturing Solutions and Turnkey Part Production

With hundreds of manufacturers present on our platform and thousands in our network, we can help you with supplier identification, especially in situations where it’s difficult to find a single supplier with all of the capabilities necessary to manufacture the part you need.  The Tristate Marketplace is geographically centered on one of the largest groupings of manufacturers in the world, which means that when your part requires multiple processes, in most cases the group of suppliers needed are right next door to each other which dramatically decreases logistical complication.  In addition to our access and knowledge of the offerings our manufacturers have, we have close relationships with associations and manufacturing support centers that can add value through their knowledge of the processes you need.

We look forward to starting a conversation about how our network of manufacturers can help with your complex part manufacturing and making your sourcing job easy!

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