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Welding & Fabrication Companies | Metal Fabrication Shops in PA, NY, OH, WV

Fabrication companies in PA, NY, OH, and WV offer a broad range of special processes and qualifications.  Many of the shops listed here have qualifications including ISO certification, ITAR Registered, AWS and ASM certifications for welding and more. The fabrication companies on TriState are highly qualified service providers that do work in industries ranging from agriculture, original equipment manufacture, aerospace, and others.

What do Fabrication Shops Provide

Fabrication is the process of taking raw materials and turning them into a finished good, or a rough good that is moved down the line for further finishing processes.  Fabrication manufacturers on TriState Marketplace provide many finished goods like sign posts, metal boxes, filter housings, pressure vessels, tanks, automotive parts, and electrical parts.

Fabrication Processes

Fabrication involves a wide range of capabilities that often include metal welding, cnc cutting, brazing, product design, bending, forming, robotic welding, stamping, punching, boring, and assembly.  Fabrication companies on TriState Manufacturer’s Marketplace can provide services like fabrication involving non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminum, plastics,  as well as a wide range of metals and alloys like steel, cast iron, and others

Cutting, Boring, Stamping, Metal Drawing Companies

Shops that provide cutting, boring, and stamping often use these processes as the initial phase of the metal fabrication process.  Cutting is one of the more common processes and involves using a saw, laser, or EDM to cut metal into the desired dimensions.  Boring is a subtractive process that removes metal to shape the internal dimensions of a rod or billet.  Stamping utilizes heavy presses to cut shapes out of sheet metal. Metal drawing involves stretching a metal sheet or rod.

Welding and Robotic Welding Services

Most of the fabrication shops listed have welding as one of their central capabilities.  Shops that offer robotic welding are able to turn around high volumes of parts in a relatively short amount of time.  Some of the common certifications these welding shops obtain for their welders are the AWS and ASM certifications.  AWS (American Welding Society) offers a variety of personal certifications and well as facility certifications like the Accredited Testing Facility which allows the organization to certify its own welders.  The ASME certification is especially valuable for shops involved in the production of boilers and pressure vessels.

MIG, TIG, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW Welding Services

MIG welding is an arc welding process that uses an electrode, a welding gun, and a shielding gas. Gas Tungsten arc welding is known as TIG welding and uses a tungsten electrode to fuse metals together.  SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding), or “stick welding” is used in many applications that require portability.  This process uses a shielded electrode that contains the metal which is melted in combination with the work piece to weld the parts together.  Flux-Cored Arc Welding or FCAW is ideal for fusing thick metals (often found in machine shops), and uses a hollow tube filled with a flux.

PA, NY, Ohio and West Virginia’s Top Fabrication Shops are on TriState Manufacturer’s Marketplace

Whether you are looking for a small contract/job shop, or a full scale production fabrication operation, you can find the exact fit for your needs on TriState.  We designed the interface to make it easy to source manufacturer’s using a variety of different filters and searching mechanisms.  You can find ISO certified shops, ones that are owned by veterans or other designated groups, or find them based on location.  If you are a larger shop looking to outsource work to a non-competitor, there are quick graphics that show the size of the operation.

Do You Need an Account To Search Fabrication Manufacturers?

No! We encourage Tier 1 and 2 companies from around the country to use this database for identifying potential vendors.  We know that the machining manufacturers you find in the region will be top notch, best in class providers for you.  While your business must be in PA, WV, OH, or NY to have a profile on the site, we encourage those looking for providers to browse the shops listed on the site and reach out.

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